Monday, April 08, 2024

Greetings from the Sammamish River

We had a fairly nice day here on Sunday -- no rain, though it was overcast -- but we got a late start going out. We put on the Orioles game over breakfast (which they lost in a walkoff, boo), then we watched the women's NCAA final (which Dawn Staley's undefeated Gamecocks won over Iowa despite Caitlin Clark, yay). 

Then we went out to Redmond Town Center, which had both the Bath & Body Works sale and Cold Stone ice cream, though we sadly learned that Mac and Mabel is closing its physical store. From there we went to the Sammamish River Trail, where we saw flowers, beavers (or maybe nutria) in the river, and protected trees on the bank!

2024-04-07 16.09.54

2024-04-07 15.49.58

2024-04-07 16.05.17

2024-04-07 16.01.43

2024-04-07 15.18.23

2024-04-07 14.55.34

2024-04-07 14.40.32 

We had deep dish pizza for dinner and saw the first episode of Sugar, which I really liked; I know it has a huge twist coming up, but after Ripley, it's a more engaging approach to the noir genre. Now we're watching Wish, which is gorgeous though predictable, with another heroine far too much like Rapunzel from Tangled.

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