Monday, April 01, 2024

Greetings for Easter Monday

Sunday was even warmer than and just as sunny as Saturday, so we ate lunch early and went to Juanita Bay Park. The tundra swans we saw the last time we were there were gone, having migrated back north, but there were dozens of cormorants, plus at least four great blue herons, many ducks, dozens of turtles, a pair of eagles, five or six frogs, numerous red-wing blackbirds, and lots of trees in bloom. We also stopped at Grass Lawn Park, hoping to see an Easter bunny since we've often seen bunnies there in the past, but we couldn't find one, though there are lots of flowers. 

We stopped at home, fed the cats, and drove into Seattle, where took Daniel to dinner at India Bistro (Cahaya had work she had to get done by Monday). We drove back with lovely views of the mountain and had a visit from our neighbor, who needed to borrow our scanner and wanted to play with our cats, before we watched the season finale of The Way Home, which resolved most of the questions of the first two seasons, then dropped a couple of enormous twists in the last few minutes. Now we're watching The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin -- more highwaymen!


2024-03-31 13.51.04

2024-03-31 12.56.49

2024-03-31 15.27.49

2024-03-31 15.20.43

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