Saturday, April 06, 2024

Greetings from Marymoor

Friday was chilly like Thursday, but we didn't get snow and we didn't have an earthquake, so I am grateful we only had overcast skies. I had chores to do in the morning, we watched the Orioles while working in the early afternoon, and later we went to Marymoor to see the great blue heron nests, which don't have babies yet but the parents were busily working on adding sticks to them. We also saw lots of ducks, swallows, geese, and new beaver lodges, though no beavers.

2024-04-05 16.48.16

2024-04-05 16.09.34

2024-04-05 16.45.30

2024-04-05 16.43.40

2024-04-05 16.29.59

2024-04-05 16.29.15

2024-04-05 16.29.38 

We watched the end of the South Carolina-NC State women's game (Dawn Staley!) and all of the Iowa-UConn game (great matchup but I always root for the team coached by a woman, so I was pleased with the ending). Now we're watching the second episode of Ripley, which is beautifully filmed but the main character in this version isn't even as sympathetic as Matt Damon's highly problematic one in the 1999 film; the queer-coded sociopath genre may just not be for me.

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