Wednesday, June 04, 2003


And in honor of that...SPAM! Look, I'm a Jonathon Earl Bowser painting and a goddess! Both good things!

Dea dubiosa, or Goddess Sue
You are Dea dubiosa, the Goddess Sue. All
the power of heaven and earth is at your
command, which doesn't stop you from throwing
tantrums, or explain why we've never heard of
you before.
What Species of Mary Sue Are You?
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In other news, it is still raining. I feel like I am in Washington as in Seattle rather than Washington as in D.C. But I had good weather in England and I want good weather in L.A. so I am keeping my complaints to a minimum for karmic purposes.

I already posted this to but it bears repeating. Liv Tyler in Yahoo! Entertainment via this site that kindly archived the interview: "Viggo really likes the [elf] ears. He would always stroke them in the scenes. He thought the fans were going to have some elven ear obsession. So he had to throw a stroke of the ear in every shot that he could." Sean Bean in USA Today (via , who posted it yesterday): "I have elf ears anyway, or so I've been told." It was necessary to make note of this non-coincidence.

pointed out the '80s Tarot. I wish I could get a physical version of this! My father is coming over for dinner so I must go be domestic. If you know me in RL, please refrain from cracking up.

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