Tuesday, June 03, 2003

No-cable update

So my husband finally got fed up and called Comcast, who (when they finally answered the phone) sweetly said, "What outage in your area? ...oh, THAT outage!" Still not fixed.

So I went out to lunch with the very lovely , with whom it turned out I had corresponded in connection to Voyager fandom many years ago. Plus I bet we've seen each other at Shore Leave and other local cons. And yay, we would even have compatible RPS tastes if either of us read RPS *snerk*. (, we must all get together! Call me! Though not now, as my phone line is being used to post this!)

Now much go attempt to post Trek news bullets, if my modem will let me...and then will attack large collection of amassed e-mail and fics needing betas!

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