Friday, January 01, 2021

Greetings for the New Year

Happy New Year! It's late so I'll keep this short. I had a long Zoom chat (untimed this week!) with my three good friends from high school, one of whom, a pediatrician, has already gotten the coronavirus vaccine, which is a hopeful note on which to end 2020. Then I dropped off a couple of returns at UPS to ship back to Amazon and went for a walk around the neighborhood with Paul, who made cheese fondue for dinner and chocolate fondue for dessert. 

We watched the second half of The Midnight Sky, which had a few logical inconsistencies and an ending that left me scratching my head, but it was interesting and well-performed enough that I wasn't sorry I watched it. Then we watched Soul, which had more metaphysical inconsistencies than logical ones but was for the most part very enjoyable, and now we're watching whatever Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve is called these days. Us and some of our cats: 

2020-12-31 21.06.53

2020-12-31 19.12.15

2020-12-31 21.07.41

2020-12-31 21.07.57

2020-12-31 21.10.55

2020-12-31 22.39.51

2020-12-31 21.35.38

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