Friday, December 09, 2016

Poem for Friday, Countryside Artisans & Montgomery Potters

By Marilyn Nelson

What if to taste and see, to notice things,
to stand each is up against emptiness
for a moment or an eternity—
images collected in consciousness
like a tree alone on the horizon --
is the main reason we're on the planet.
The food's here of the first crow to arrive,
numbers two and three at a safe distance,
then approaching the hand-created taste
of leftover coconut macaroons.
The instant sparks in the earth's awareness.


Thursday was a work and chore day. It was gray and chilly, and I spent most of it working, though we went out to do a bunch of shopping chores that included a stop in Baskin Robbins to use a free cone coupon and a swing through the park while taking Madeline to the mall to try to get her phone fixed (it has instead been replaced, having been declared defunct by AT&T).

I'm sad about John Glenn, though he lived a long life and was greatly respected and admired, and happy about the dinosaur feathers found in amber. We caught up on Designated Survivor, which is finally actually going somewhere plus Virginia Madsen and Maggie Q are awesome, and we watched some football. Countryside Artisans and Montgomery Potters photos:

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