Monday, July 10, 2006

Poem for Monday

In a Poem
By Robert Frost

The sentencing goes blithely on its way,
And takes the playfully objected rhyme
As surely as it takes the stroke and time
In having its undeviable say.


Another from Poet's Choice by Robert Pinsky in this week's The Washington Post Book World. "Maybe it's easier to show examples of the poetic line than to define it," Pinsky writes. "As with measures in music, all lines are not alike. Some are slow and some are fast, and in some the sound of the sentence stops at the end, and in some it blithely keeps going right over the line, just as this little poem by Robert Frost says...Frost is partly showing off by giving a brilliant example of how what he describes should be done. All four of his lines follow the same pattern, and no two of them follow it in the same way. Like a jazz solo, the poem combines striking variations in movement with a rhythm that is "undeviable." The poem offers good advice about how to hear poetry, and it also enjoys its own virtuosity."

Sunday we had mostly a beach day. My father played tennis in the morning, then we all went to the shore -- me, and younger son to the ocean the entire time, older son and my parents to one of the complex's outdoor pools. The Atlantic felt much colder than it did the week before when we were in Emerald Isle in North Carolina with and the waves were rougher, but this didn't faze younger son in the least. He and I found sandcrabs and clams and jumped waves while , who had twisted his ankle jogging last week, hung out at the water's edge and spotted pelicans.

Here is the only photo you will see of me in a bathing suit -- here holding a mole crab. *g*

Pelicans over the water.

A frog in one of the swamps.

Swans in one of the ponds.

The Atlantic surf wasn't terribly rough but more so than in North Carolina the week before.

A much emptier beach, near sunset.

(Waah! This cannot be true! *g* "As Cho Chang, you are pretty, popular and intelligent, but quite sensitive and vain.")

In the late afternoon, after watching Italy win the World Cup, my hubby, my mother and I went to the Seaside Country Store in Fenwick Island to get crab nuts, fudge and other gourmet necessities, then to the brand new Super Giant while my father took the boys to one of the complex's indoor pools. (We are staying here in large part because my parents love the pools and tennis courts.) Younger son and I took a walk to look for frogs in the local swamp before dinner. In the evening we watched True Caribbean Pirates, which was on the History Channel in honor of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men's Chest being in the theaters. We're hoping to get to it before the week is out.

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