Sunday, March 05, 2023

Greetings from Brookside Gardens

Saturday was a gorgeous, sunny, high-50s day, so although we had a pile of chores to do, we went to Brookside Gardens in between rounds. There were thousands of daffodils in bloom with more still to come, the crocuses and reticulated irises were everywhere, and there were snowdrops and aconite still in the woods. Since it was warm, many painted turtles were out, and we decided to walk to the nature center which we haven't done since the pandemic to see the snakes and box turtles there. 

When we got home, I finished emptying out a bookcase in older son's room, moved that downstairs, took everything remaining out of the toy chest that we're finally ready to give away, and put the books and cameras on the bookcase. The living room will probably look like it belongs to grownups right when we're ready to move. We had free DoorDash delivery, so we ordered Ethiopian food for dinner from Sheba, then we watched the two Carnival Row episodes released while we were out of town. 

2023-03-04 14.15.28

2023-03-04 14.59.11

2023-03-04 14.52.33


2023-03-04 14.15.21

2023-03-04 14.29.15

2023-03-04 15.02.59

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