Monday, March 06, 2023

Greetings from Washingtonian Lake

We had a bunch of household chores to do on Sunday, including several Facebook Marketplace pick-ups and a trip to the dump, but we also needed to stop at Kohl's to retrieve some shirts I ordered a couple of weeks ago during a big sale, so we took a walk at Washingtonian into Barnes & Noble and down to the lake. To our surprise, there was a family of geese with goslings, despite it being very early March! We also saw mallards, mergansers, cormorants, and turtles, a lot of wildlife so close to I-270. 








I met two neighbors in the afternoon to give away my two oldest digital cameras, both more than 15 years old, and people came to pick up a Vera Bradley bag and Little Tikes toy chest, so that's a bunch more stuff cleared out, plus the cats have now met a toddler who wants to pat their heads and were fascinated by the experience. We had peanut soup with corn bread for dinner, saw the two latest episodes of Carnival Row, and now we're rewatching Everything Everywhere All at Once because it's awesome.

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