Thursday, March 02, 2023

Greetings from SeaTac

We got up early on Wednesday, made bagel sandwiches to eat on the plane, took a walk with Adam and Pepper, said goodbye to them plus Katherine and Tulip, then drove to Seahurst Park, where we met Daniel to walk on the beach for a bit before we headed to the airport to drop off our rental car. We got Starbucks and walked around some shops for a bit before our flight boarded. The rest of my day involved flying (mountains visible past Seattle, reading Gone with the Windsors which is mostly hilarious except for a badly written subplot about a hearing-impaired sister) and starting unpacking/laundry. 

2023-02-28 23.38.37

2023-03-01 08.34.38

2023-03-01 09.01.03A

2023-03-01 09.01.11A


2023-03-01 12.50.43

2023-03-01 15.57.17

2023-03-01 15.29.51

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