Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Greetings from Redmond

Tuesday was our last full day in the Seattle area, so we started with a walk with Adam and Pepper in Redmond, then headed to Queen Anne, where we visited some of the newer buildings and walked along the Elliott Bay parks, including the lower sculpture park and the sand at Pocket Beach, from which we could see lots of shore birds. Then we went to meet Daniel and Cahaya at the Kitanda in Green Lake, where we made a couple of other shopping stops and had acai bowls and pao de queijo for lunch. 

We accompanied Daniel and Cahaya to take the dogs to the off-leash park in Edmonds, which is on Puget Sound and has lots of wildlife -- herons, cormorants, mergansers, buffleheads, seals! Then we went back to get organized for dinner, which all six of us ate at Cactus in Bellvue a block from where Adam works. Katherine left for a cello lesson, Daniel and Cahaya went back to Green Lake, and Charlie the corgi's mom picked him up, then after the lesson we played Monikers (and lost twice to Adam's team). 

2023-02-28 11.38.07

2023-02-28 11.44.31

2023-02-28 13.44.48


2023-02-28 15.36.17

2023-02-28 19.03.06

2023-02-28 19.52.19

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