Friday, March 17, 2023

Poem for Friday and Disney Star Wars

East River
By Lola Ridge

Dour river
Jaded with monotony of lights
Diving off mast heads….
Lights mad with creating in a river... turning its sullen back....
Heave up, river…
Vomit back into the darkness your spawn of light…
The night will gut what you give her.


The major event of my Thursday was my semiannual dentist appointment, which fortunately did not involve finding any cavities or any other crises -- I didn't even get waterboarded since I requested the old-fashioned tooth polishers. Before that, we watched the Terps' men's basketball team (barely) win their first NCAA game over West Virginia, and I did some more freecycling and selling work. 

Kristen and I watched the first half of Captain America: The Winter Soldier after dinner, then I chatted with my friends, most of whom were in Philadelphia with us last weekend. Then Paul and I watched the first episode of the returning Shadow and Bone, whose first season I wish I could remember better. Some Star Wars displays at the Disney 100 exhibit at the Franklin Institute: 

2023-03-11 18.14.12

2023-03-11 18.14.40A

2023-03-11 18.14.51A

2023-03-11 18.14.03

2023-03-11 17.45.34

2023-03-11 18.13.57

2023-03-11 17.23.28

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