Thursday, March 16, 2023

Poem for Thursday and Philadelphia Gayborhood

My Voice
By Timothy Wayne Moore

My voice
Coming face to face with expectation
Others wanting my life to go in a certain direction
Without helping or guidance through conversation
One is supposed to know
The path of a hero, without sharing
All the scars and tearing that it takes
I had to comprehend what I didn’t want
And take those lessons to help me carry on
Others may be confused by the picture
But that may be because society
Has a hard time handling vulnerability
And so pressure from others hovers above
As some say my wounds aren’t healing fast enough
Supposed to be better than what is
The world on my shoulders since I was a kid


Wednesday was a lot like Tuesday, with added yelling at various companies over various stupidities and a nice break at lunchtime to talk to my high school friends, one of whom has family from Iceland and one of whom is going to Iceland next week so there was lots of fun tourist chat, plus a visit from one of their sons and another's two daughters. It was chilly out but lots of flowers when we walked at the park. 

I watched The Avengers with Kristen, who miraculously has never seen any of the MCU so I have to remember that everything's a spoiler. Then I watched the Muppets episode of The Masked Singer (Damar Hamlin guest stars with Cookie Monster!) and this week's The Mandalorian (please more Mandalorians, less Imperial scheming and evil New Republic brainwashing)! Philadelphia's famous gay neighborhood: 

2023-03-11 12.58.51

2023-03-11 12.57.51

2023-03-11 13.10.41A

2023-03-11 13.25.05

2023-03-11 13.02.18A

2023-03-11 13.00.46

2023-03-11 12.55.30

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