Friday, February 02, 2024

Greetings from Doggie Daycare

Quickie, Adam just left after dinner and ice cream sundaes to celebrate his last day working at Amazon. We had Pepper here all day while he was at work, since she was in doggie camp while he was in Maine last week and will be staying with a dogsitter while he's away the next couple of weeks, so we figured we would give her snuggles and walks and she could hang out during dinner. We also talked to my parents on Google Meet and made some plans for when Adam is back from traveling with his new girlfriend in a couple of weeks!

2024-02-01 14.01.32

2024-02-01 13.46.11

2024-02-01 15.37.50

2024-02-01 16.09.13A

2024-02-01 17.52.40

2024-02-01 18.52.01

2024-02-01 19.41.16

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