Monday, February 12, 2024

Greetings from Redmond

Another quickie after what felt like an endless Super Bowl -- well, it did have nearly a full overtime period -- that left me kind of bored until near the end. Daniel came over and watched with us (his fiancee had absolutely no interest, which is fair!) and we ate pizza and lots of snacks and cookies. I was nominally rooting for Kansas City because Trumpers hate them so much, but I had no strong feelings and was glad the 49ers played so well. 

Earlier in the day I did a bunch of ancestry research and corresponded with my distant cousin, whom it turns out lives in Melbourne and knows another common relative of ours who is Swedish! Paul and I can both go visit family there! We also talked to Adam, who was staying with my oldest friend, whose daughter he is dating -- they went to a restaurant connected to a maple sugar farm and we chatted while walking through Marymoor Park.


2024-02-11 16.23.18

2024-02-11 16.23.05

2024-02-11 17.11.19

2024-02-11 00.41.25

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