Monday, February 05, 2024

Greetings from Green Lake

The weather on Sunday was just as gorgeous as on Saturday, partly cloudy in the 50s. We had a quiet morning, then we went to Green Lake to pick up Daniel and Thandi -- Cahaya took Theo shopping and to a dog park -- to have acai bowls and Brazilian sandwiches at Kitanda. I wish I'd paid more attention to local news, though, because there was a big anti-Israel demonstration at the park by the lake that I first found out about when I met a JVP group in the restaurant. They're problematic enough, but at least they're not calling for the extermination of Israelis. The rest don't get to claim to prioritize safety for children in Gaza while chanting "from the river to the sea" -- that's not anti-war, that's antisemitism, and it makes me afraid to be nearby. 

That was a stain on an otherwise nice afternoon, with lots of waterfowl in the lake and dogs alongside, plus it was a Pokemon Community Day so we caught shiny Chanseys. We all talked to my parents on Google Meet about some wedding-related plans. Then we came home for the Grammy Awards, which I enjoyed a lot more than I expected. I have so much ambivalence about Luke Combs' "Fast Car" -- the original is one of my all time favorite songs -- that all went away when I saw Tracy Chapman with him. I'm genuinely happy for Taylor (and for all Taylor fans), and also for Miley. I was very happy to see Stevie, Celine, and especially Billy Joel (and we got "You May Be Right" over the closing as well as his new song). And yes, obviously people should be safe at music festivals!

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