Saturday, February 10, 2024

Poem for Friday and Year of the Dragon

New Year's Day 
By Wang Anshi 

The New Year is coming amid the sound of firecracker, 
The spring breeze has wafted the warm breath with Tusu wine. 
While the rising sun shines on thousands of houses, 
New peach wood charms replace the old ones. 


Friday was a gorgeous day with a lot of sun, though it was pretty chilly. Paul had to start work very early because of a meeting on the east coast, so after he finished that and I finished uploading a couple of weeks' worth of photos, we took a walk to the beach and saw most of the local types of waterfowl, plus both eagles. 

Cheryl and I watched The Marvels together and I still think it's an awesome movie -- fine, a little structurally predictable, but the musical planet! the flerkens! -- and now we're watching Elemental, which is even more predictable, but the visuals are nice and it's very low stress. Lunar New Year decorations at Bellevue Square:

2024-02-03 12.36.59

2024-02-03 10.43.27

2024-02-03 11.49.28

2024-02-03 12.42.54

2024-02-03 22.29.46

2024-02-03 11.45.07

2024-02-03 10.40.07

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