Thursday, February 08, 2024

Greetings from Tukwila

Quickie since we were out late -- younger son flew from Fairbanks to Seattle and was headed immediately to Portland, Maine, but he had a six-hour layover, so we went to meet him at the airport and took him to The Cheesecake Factory at the nearby Southcenter Mall. We ate a lot -- we brought home half our meals, plus a significant amount of cheesecake from the three slices we shared -- and afterward we walked around the large mall, which is decorated for the Lunar New Year.

2024-02-07 19.01.31

2024-02-07 19.02.50

2024-02-07 17.58.06

2024-02-07 19.46.13

2024-02-07 19.47.55

2024-02-07 20.01.25

2024-02-07 19.50.51 

The rest of my day was lovely too -- I chatted for two hours with my high school friends in the morning, watched the second half of Spider-Man: Far From Home with Kristen, and walked to the park with Paul, where we saw the pair of eagles and many noisy crows. Now we're watching this week's Quantum Leap, which we missed Tuesday because we forgot it had switched nights, and the people losing their shit over Alexander: The Making of a God won't like this one either.

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