Saturday, February 03, 2024

Poem for Friday and Idylwood Rainbow

The Rainbow Never Tells Me 
By Emily Dickinson 

The rainbow never tells me
That gust and storm are by,
Yet is she more convincing
Than Philosophy.

My flowers turn from Forums—
Yet eloquent declare
What Cato couldn’t prove me
Except the birds were here!


Paul needed to have a dental procedure on Friday morning, so I went to the Bear Creek Shopping Center with him and went to a bunch of stores while he was having his mouth poked. Afterward we went to Target together, then came back here to eat lunch and get some work done. It was a gorgeous sunny day with short periods of drizzle, and we walked to the beach in sunshine though there was rain right across the lake, creating half of a huge rainbow going into the storm clouds. 

2024-02-02 15.48.29

2024-02-02 15.47.27

2024-02-02 15.51.29

2024-02-02 15.50.48A

2024-02-02 15.49.20

2024-02-02 15.52.46

2024-02-02 15.57.33

We had French onion soup and cheese crepes for dinner for Candlemas/Imbolc -- I learned today that there are no groundhogs in the Seattle area -- and now we're watching the end of Fellow Travelers, which has been devastating and yet not as depressing as I thought it might be, maybe because I was so angry for so much of it. It's also frustrating and so typical that they marketed it as a story about white men when the black men's story got nearly equal time and was so well written.

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