Friday, February 09, 2024

Poem for Thursday and Luther Burbank Park

Dung Beetle 
By Doreen Gildroy 

Be kind to me, a mess. I represent
persistence--in the 
dirty thing;
things larger than me
I do not fear.

Whatever you think, or like--
I live. Oh, 

Pushing up the hill--
rolling around.
I feel myself at work.

You are larger than I think,
and that is very comforting to me.


Most of my Thursday was quiet, a cool overcast day with a bunch of chores. I talked to my college roommate on the phone for over and hour, texted Adam in Maine, took a walk and saw many coots and one of the eagles. Then I chatted with most of my Thursday night regulars about songvids and speculative fiction. 

We were going to watch The Marvels on Disney+, but then Cheryl and I decided to do that together tomorrow, so we're watching Blue Beetle, which is surprisingly great -- great cast, fun if derivative storyline, lots of kick-ass women -- surprisingly, one of my favorite DC movies! Some Luther Burbank Park structures: 

2024-02-03 13.57.59

2024-02-03 14.07.50

2024-02-03 13.36.35

2024-02-03 14.05.38

2024-02-03 13.55.19

2024-02-03 14.06.47

2024-02-03 13.53.19

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