Friday, July 05, 2024

Greetings for Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! Or, if you're in Britain, congratulations on your elections! We spent most of the day at T-Mobile Park watching the Orioles play the Mariners again, along with Adam and Haley, who arrived somewhat later than we did because we wanted to make sure we got the giveaway patriotic caps. The Mariners won this time, but the Yankees lost again, so the Orioles are still at the top of their division and most of the scoring was done by my two favorite Mariners, Julio Rodriguez and J.P. Crawford, so it's okay (plus we got to see another Gunnar Henderson home run, and Corbin Burnes' return after his wife had twins). 

So we saw our first fireworks of the day in the stadium during Seattle home runs and after the game when they won. Then we came home, I chatted with a few of my Thursday regulars, and we watched the west coast rerun of A Capitol Fourth, which shows the DC fireworks. After that, we went out to watch the fireworks visible from the dock all around Lake Sammamish -- some from the official displays in Issaquah and Bellevue, some from extremely unofficial and not entirely legal launches off people's boats and backyard platforms. We didn't eat much for dinner after a big ballpark lunch, but I did eat ice cream twice in one day, which is rare!


2024-07-04 11.55.16

2024-07-04 14.44.35A

2024-07-04 adam haley baseball 4

2024-07-04 11.47.11

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