Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Greetings from Golden Gardens

Extreme quickie because I got a little too much sun and too little water and had trouble keeping my eyes open for parts of the day! We met up with Adam, Haley, and her parents for lunch at Cafe Turko and for walks around Fremont that included visits to the troll, Lenin, the rocket, and Schilling's Cider House. Then we gathered things at Adam's apartment and went to Golden Gardens Park, where Daniel joined us. We had a weenie roast and made s'mores along with many snacks while watching the boats go by and the sun set. More tomorrow when I'm more awake.

2024-07-09 14.44.16

2024-07-09 12.59.33-1

2024-07-09 14.38.43

2024-07-09 20.07.18

2024-07-09 hildy 10

2024-07-09 21.34.55

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