Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Greetings from City Center

I had another lovely day in Seattle with my friends; Adam and Paul both had to work through the afternoon, but Hildy, Tom, Haley, and I went on a tour of the Seattle Chocolate factory, which included samples before, during, and after the walk through the mixing, enrobing, packaging, and distribution sections, so we got to try at least a dozen different kinds of chocolate bar and truffles! Then we went to the waterfront area for lunch, parking near the sculpture park, walking to Miner's Landing and Pike's Place Market where we ate Beecher's grilled cheese. 

It was extremely hot for Seattle -- over 90 degrees -- so we headed to the pocket beach at Myrtle Edwards Park on Elliott Bay for a little while before we drove to City Center. There Hildy, Tom, Haley, and I met Paul and Adam at a cafe near the garage, where we got cold drinks before walking to the Space Needle. I hadn't been to the top in over 20 years and several in our group had never been at all, so we spent a lot of time enjoying the spectacular city views and free digital photos! We came home for dinner and a couple of episodes of Secrets of the Zoo: Down Under.

2024-07-08 10.12.00

2024-07-08 10.52.10

2024-07-08 13.08.12

2024-07-08 14.54.04

2024-07-08 14.18.58

2024-07-08 15.51.20

2024-07-08 17.34.41A


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