Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Greetings from T-Mobile Park

Extreme quickie after very satisfying Orioles-Mariners game (Baltimore 2, Seattle 0) with crowd very tolerant of me in my orange and black! We got there early enough to watch batting practice, during which I got to see Cowser and Kjerstad up close in the outfield. The Kraken's top draft pick Berkly Catton threw out the first pitch. We had seats near first base, so I got to see Adley, Gunnar, Tony, and the rest of my favorite Os up close, plus JRod and the Mariners. We stayed till the bottom of the 9th when everyone was on their feet watching Kimbrel pitch the last strikeout!

2024-07-02 20.16.46




2024-07-02 20.40.38

2024-07-02 19.13.25

2024-07-02 20.22.56

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