Thursday, July 04, 2024

Greetings from Bellevue

Another quickie though tonight my excuse is that Flickr appears to be down, or at least half-down -- the web page loads but photos do not -- in addition to being slow/late from having watched the Orioles-Mariners game, this time on TV, though we're going to see them again tomorrow with younger son and his girlfriend, which we figured would be a fun Independence Day activity! 

I had a fairly typical Wednesday: chat with my high school friends in the morning (everyone made it this week, and I forgot to mention I did talk to my Voyager group last night though we didn't watch an episode), a trip to Bellevue to pick up a prescription and a jacket on a huge sale at Macy's before lunch, and watching the rest of Wakanda Forever with in the afternoon. 

We saw the successful end of the Nationals-Mets game, a bit of the Phillies-Cubs game, and all of the Orioles victory over the Mariners around this week's episode of The Acolyte, which I know the internet hates but I find intense and interesting (I will always take a story with female leads). Some more photos from our anniversary of flowers in bloom at the Bellevue Botanical Garden:

2024-07-01 16.53.20

2024-07-01 16.49.43

2024-07-01 16.38.00

2024-07-01 16.48.17

2024-07-01 16.38.52

2024-07-01 16.42.35

2024-07-01 16.42.52

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