Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Greetings from Bellevue Botanical Garden

Monday was my 34th wedding anniversary, so after a quiet early day of laundry and my semiannual full computer backup, we went out to walk at the Bellevue Botanical Garden. There are a few azaleas still blooming in the Japanese garden, but the majority of flowers are in the perennial border garden, where we also saw a bunny, several birds, and lots of bees. We also took the ravine trail over the suspension bridge and walked through the meadow and water garden. 

From there we drove to Redmond Town Center, where we visited the Utopia gemstone store in its new location before going to dinner at Thai Ginger. Then we came home and watched the rest of My Lady Jane, which is only slightly more historically outrageous than The Tudors and much more female-powered -- good sense of humor, lovely scenery and costumes, and if it's strange to have changelings instead of Protestants as Bloody Mary's victims, it's an interesting metaphor.

2024-07-01 16.54.53

2024-07-01 16.34.56

2024-07-01 16.17.57

2024-07-01 16.15.14

2024-07-01 16.26.50

2024-07-01 18.06.54

2024-07-01 deadpool anniversary

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