Sunday, July 07, 2024

Greetings from Snoqualmie

I spent an awesome Saturday with our very longtime friends Hildy and Tom, who are the parents of Adam's girlfriend Haley, mostly in Snoqualmie at a ski resort running chair lifts up the mountain for the summer, swinging by Rattlesnake Lake, visiting Snoqualmie Falls, and barbecuing at the big grills on the public patio in our neighborhood along the lake. Highlights included seeing a bear both from the chair lift and the summit, drinking iced coffee at the resort below, hanging out at the falls, and watching eagles in the trees while we ate dinner, plus catching up on a million things! A few quick photos:

2024-07-06 14.19.50

2024-07-06 16.06.29

2024-07-06 13.58.42

2024-07-06 17.30.21

2024-07-06 20.54.29

2024-07-06 20.59.37

2024-07-06 20.01.24

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