Saturday, September 04, 2021

Greetings from Delaware

I AM AT THE BEACH! I have waited all summer to write those words. Paul had to work in the morning, so I packed and fought with my external hard drive which did not want to let me turn off indexing so I could eject it without shutting down the computer, plus spent a lot of time snuggling Cinnamon who I am sure will be spoiled by our catsitter Rose, as will Katniss and Effie. We ate lunch in the car, anticipating Bay Bridge traffic, but there was almost no traffic except in a couple of spots where there had been fender benders. 

We arrived in Fenwick Island (via 54 past Viking Golf and Float-ors), dropped our stuff off and went straight to the beach, where the water was as warm as the air and there were more sandpipers and sand crabs than people. Then we came in to change for dinner, but Warrens Station was out of Beyond Burgers, so we figured we'd save that for another day and had sandwiches in our hotel room before getting the most important courses, Kohr Bros ice cream and Candy Kitchen salt water taffy. Afterward we walked on the beach to look for ghost crabs: 

2021-09-03 17.55.12


2021-09-03 18.04.38A

2021-09-03 16.36.33

2021-09-03 20.13.29

2021-09-03 21.03.13

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