Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Poem for Wednesday, Red Panda, 'Lost Future'

By Ravi Shankar

Between forest and field, a threshold
like stepping from a cathedral into the street—
the quality of air alters, an eclipse lifts,

boundlessness opens, earth itself retextured
into weeds where woods once were.
Even planes of motion shift from vertical

navigation to horizontal quiescence:
there’s a standing invitation to lie back
as sky’s unpredictable theater proceeds.

Suspended in this ephemeral moment
after leaving a forest, before entering
a field, the nature of reality is revealed.


I was much too sleepy to get up last night to watch the solstice lunar eclipse, though Adam took great photos with his new camera. Even so, everyone half-woke me when they got up and came back in, so I was a bit out of it this morning while waiting for the plumber and got almost nothing done. We had to have two toilet tanks repaired and the basement sink snaked, and we figured we might as well do it on a day when I was stuck in the house anyway with no van (and we had a coupon that had to be used by the end of the year, so that was useful). As for the van, Toyota sent the wrong part to the shop, so I won't have it till some time Wednesday!

In happier news, Gblvr came over and we watched what surely must be the worst Sean Bean movie ever, SyFy's The Lost Future (whose plot she correctly predicted about 45 seconds in). In fairness to the movie, at least it had the taste to steal shamelessly from The Lord of the Rings (zombies whom Gblvr called Uruk-hai because the makeup was so similar, beacons to call for aid, a long journey by an increasingly weak fellowship), plus the villain looked like Alan Rickman circa Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves only with a lot more green eyeshadow, and Sean Bean's character did not meet the fate of pretty much every character Sean Bean has ever played, so it's not like I didn't enjoy what surely must be the worst Sean Bean movie ever!

Paul made "chicken" a l'orange for the solstice, and the shortest day of the year is over, both of which are good things, though I belatedly started working on Shutterfly calendars for 2011 -- they raised prices again and I was going to skip them this year but a couple of relatives asked about them, so I think we're just going to send them to fewer relatives -- and I got very behind on evening chores (though the laundry did get folded) and have only a few zoo pics tonight, all of the sleepy nocturnal red panda who lives on the Asia Trail:

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