Monday, December 31, 2018

Greetings from Richmond

We spent a lovely Sunday in Richmond, where we drove in the morning and met Cheryl at Mexico Restaurant for lunch, after which we went to Maymont and walked all through the gardens, farm, and nature center in unseasonably warm weather. We had thought we might visit the mansion as well to see the holiday decorations, but it was so late in the afternoon that we decided instead to stop at Starbucks for coffee and hot chocolate.

Then we went with Cheryl to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, where we met Adam's girlfriend and her parents and brother to see the GardenFest of Lights, which this year had several displays based on painters and paintings. From there, our large group went to the River City Diner for dinner, then drove home with Adam and Katherine, who accompanied him to College Park for New Year's Eve with their college friends. More pics when I am more awake!

2018-12-30 19.04.14

2018-12-30 19.07.26

2018-12-30 17.39.49

2018-12-30 17.45.09

2018-12-30 17.56.51

2018-12-30 13.51.17

2018-12-30 14.54.14

2018-12-30 13.44.14

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