Thursday, May 13, 2021

Poem for Thursday and Teen Goslings

By Vi Khi Nao

the sun drops his knee on fog
a diurnal genuflection that
explains the lack of clarity in the prayer’s thought
when god prays to himself
using the fog’s opaque cushion
we know god is a child
who pretends to pray
because in the midst of his holy make-believe childhood
he is a beautiful version of daffodil twirling in dew


I overslept Wednesday after my busy-for-the-pandemic Tuesday and spent the morning rushing around before my noon chat with my high school friends, which always goes longer than any of us intend but is always awesome -- today's excuse was playing with Google Meet's new backgrounds, which started with a faux cafe and ended with us sharing trip photos behind us -- so after a very late lunch including the tea younger son sent me for Mother's Day, I did a bunch of chores and took a walk on which we saw the first Brood X cicadas of this 17-year cycle. 

We had leftover Sisters Thai from Mother's Day for dinner, which was great, before The Masked Singer, which I disagreed with but at this point everyone left is pretty good so I don't really care who wins. Then we caught up on Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (oh please let Max move to New York and stay there, though doubtful since Simon wasn't in this episode) and The Flash (oh and let Nora/Speedforce move to New York too and leave the show!). Here are some of the adolescent goslings we saw at Washingtonian Lake last weekend: 








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