Sunday, January 09, 2022

Greetings from Hanover

We spent all day Saturday in Hanover with Paul's parents and brother, helping the former sort and pack because they're moving on Monday. I spent a lot of time with my father-in-law going through sermons he wrote and events he attended as a Lutheran pastor, and later packing up his extensive stamp collection. (If anyone I know would like a large HO model train set with many features and is willing to go to Hanover to pick it up, please contact me ASAP. Ditto if you collect stamps.) 

We picked up Burger King for lunch and had peanut butter sandwiches for dinner and stopped in Walmart to get them a little refrigerator and microwave. Now I'm too fried even to find out who the U.S. is sending to the Winter Olympics for figure skating, though we were hauling boxes that need to be sorted later down our basement while Chock and Bates were winning the ice dance medal at Nationals. Here are horses we saw driving into Hanover, the sunset we saw at Walmart, and more: 

2022-01-08 12.07.00

2022-01-08 12.43.56

2022-01-08 13.13.12

2022-01-08 15.07.46

2022-01-08 17.39.43

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