Thursday, January 06, 2022

Greetings from Snowscapes

Quickie, we're watching Tenet with Daniel, who hasn't seen it (and this is a very blink-and-you-missed-something movie), following this week's Boba Fett, which also required a lot of attention! It was otherwise a pretty low-key day. I talked to my three good high school friends at lunchtime, did some more chores, had Hungarian paprikash for dinner, and we took a walk under this gorgeous sunset-and-twilight sky to see today's melting snow, which is forecast to be replenished tomorrow night with a few more inches: 

2022-01-05 17.06.13A

2022-01-05 17.08.58

2022-01-05 17.02.18A

2022-01-05 17.09.57

2022-01-05 17.06.34A

2022-01-05 17.07.22A

2022-01-05 17.14.07A

2022-01-05 17.15.21

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