Thursday, April 24, 2014

Poem for Thursday and Cherry Blossoms in the Air

Towards Kiyomizu
By Yosano Akiko
Translated by Dennis Maloney and Hide Oshiro

Towards Kiyomizu, crossing Gion
under moonlit cherry blossoms
this evening, everyone passing
is beautiful.

The passionate gaze of the bride
contradicts the white Hagi flowers she holds;
the god of love slyly
smiles this evening.

Listen, Lord!
Love is the voice of admiration
for violets
in the purple evening.

Hair unbound from this hot house
of lovemaking scented with lilies
I dread the night
fading to pale rose.


I had to be out of the house very early on Wednesday for the blood tests my doctor told me to get at my physical -- they had a cancellation, so I could make the appointment quickly. But I got the nurse who can't find a vein with a road map, who stuck me once, couldn't get anywhere, and summoned an older nurse who was in and out very quickly, though at that point I was lying down because I get dizzy and nauseous very, very easily when blood is involved. So it took a bit before I felt well enough to drive home on my empty stomach.

Then I went home, had some breakfast, and did chores, after which I was still ravenous so it's a good thing I had lunch plans with Kay. We had our usual at Tara Thai and lamented the state of college finances and political idiocy, plus fannish wankery. Afterwards I stopped in Target to get laundry detergent and came out with $13.99 purple sandals technically designed for girls, but their girls' size 6 fits me fine. I tried on a bunch of their spring dresses but none of them inspired me -- and too little cotton.

It was a perfect day for walking outside, with lots of color on the neighborhood trees and tulips everywhere. After dinner we watched The 100, which hasn't gotten particularly great but is still holding my interest, and The Americans, which is sad and stressful and I'm not loving the Jesus-freak-daughter storyline. Daniel had a good day -- he got the summer job he wanted at a UMCP lab, which will carry over through the next school year. Here are some photos from the National Cherry Blossom Festival, including raining petals, romantic ducks, several DC sights, and beautiful women:

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