Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Greetings from Scott's Run

I think I'm going to be brief all week while my kids are here because I'm distracted and playing catch-up in the evenings on email and sorting photos. Tuesday was a gorgeous day; we had a quiet morning doing some research for Paul's parents, then we had lunch (with cat assistance) and went to Scott's Run, which we haven't visited all together since 2014! We took the formerly annual stepping-stones photo (previous versions here

Then we took Daniel to Microcenter to buy a new laptop -- their prices are better than any he'd found in Seattle -- and we stopped in Dollar Tree, World Market, and Trader Joe's for various food items while we were in that shopping center. We had dinner with my parents, and when we got home, Adam worked on repairing a guitar that used to belong to his uncle Dave while Daniel set up his new computer. Some of the photos I took today: 



2021-11-22 15.16.18A

2021-11-22 13.35.15

2021-11-22 16.46.37

2021-11-22 20.16.17

2021-11-22 20.15.26A

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