Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Poem for Tuesday and Day of the Dead

Calavera sin nombre
Translated by Patty Gorena Morales

por Davina Guadalupe Ponce Martínez

In this special month,
In which everything is party and dance,
We remember with love
Traditions and praises.

It is necessary to remember
That even with faith,
That we will meet again,
We remember his adventures.

For our loved ones
We build an altar,
For their souls and heart beats
We sense coming back!

So we celebrate them
With large pieces of bread,
Placed on altars
With flowers candles, mezcal!

These exquisite breads,
That are Colorful,
Of horn and bone shapes
We will leave for them.

To make them happy
In their fleeting visit,
In this land of love
The memories that leave.

For me it is a great gift
To be able to find them,
On such special days
And be able to enjoy them.

If my dead ones knew
How much I miss them,
They would come every day
And would be very pleasant!

I wait for them sitting down
For I know we’ll converse
These two nights full
With atoles and cookies.

Dear happy souls,
Knowing that we love you,
We remember your love,
And await your return!


Quickie, I am behind on everything post-Halloween! It was not an eventful day, just a lot to get done -- laundry, sweeping, filling the bird feeders, bringing in and putting away Halloween stuff, sorting and uploading photos, plus some writing that had to be finished and various other chores. It was a beautiful, chilly afternoon, perfect for a walk, and there are two new Pokemon gyms in walking distance of my house and now I've raided at both of them. 

Paul made cornbread and Mexican stew for Dia de los Muertos, we watched Antiques Roadshow which I'd thought might be Day of the Dead items but was instead art and furniture based on the human form, then we watched the surprisingly exciting Chiefs-Giants game -- surprising because as with so many sports these weeks, I'd be fine if both teams lost! (I rooted for the Giants.) Here's today's dinner, decorations, plus a couple of pics from Halloween: 

2021-10-31 12.18.47A

2021-10-31 17.35.13

2021-11-01 18.07.31A

2021-10-31 17.58.29B

2021-10-31 18.35.39

2021-10-31 18.34.45

2021-11-01 19.22.44

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