Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Greetings from Between

Very quickly, I'm packing to travel and have to get up extremely early for my flight to the east coast. Our Monday was all about preparation anyway, finishing chores, going to a couple of stores to grab things we need. Effie is still sneezing a bit -- it seems worse when the heat is on, I wonder if it's too dry for her -- but seems okay. 

We put on Monday Night Football during dinner -- Travis should break up with Taylor if this is how he plays when they're "dating" -- while I tried to make my ancient Kindle Fire, which I haven't turned on since we moved, update for the flight. Here are some waterfowl and colorful skies that we saw at Mercer Slough over the weekend:

2023-11-18 14.46.50

2023-11-18 14.54.53

2023-11-18 14.46.26

2023-11-18 14.17.05

2023-11-18 14.48.32

2023-11-18 14.16.34

2023-11-18 14.52.59

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