Thursday, November 02, 2023

Poem for Wednesday and Samhain Witches

Viva El Amor Eterno (Long Live Eternal Life) 
By Ginette Rondeau

I do not fear death
as I know those who have died before me
will welcome me with their loving embrace.

My senses will be awakened by the sweetness
of the Dia De Los Muertos yearly celebration.

I shall be remembered for eternity,
as my decedents will be preparing
and adorning their altars in my honor
and for other beloved.

There will be a sense of excitement
as they will be creating my favorite foods,
bringing me gifts that my soul has inspired
as they welcome me back.

At my altar,
there will be the lovely aroma of the copal,
and a glass of water that will quench my thirst
when I arrive from my long journey.

The salt and sweets will remind me of
the bitterness and sweetness of life.

I will see my family spending the day
lovingly cleaning my grave
and adorning it with zempasuchil,
baby breath, candles and more.

There will be great day of
laughter, music, and poetry.

I yearn to hear their stories of my life
that they will tell their children
so they may know who I am.

Yes, it will be a joyous occasion
as I will be reunited with
my dear family and friends!

Thank you. Gracias.

I know I will not be forgotten.
As your memories of me will continue
from generation to generation.


Wednesday was pretty quiet after the excitement of Halloween. I talked to my high school friends in the morning and I watched three episodes of Our Flag Means Death with in the afternoon. By the time had finished working, it had started to rain, but we walked to the beach anyway and saw the mandarin duck, an eagle and a kingfisher. 

We had mole for dinner for the Day of the Dead, then watched what turned out to be the last game of the World Series -- more exciting the first several innings when it was a pitcher's battle and there was no score, but I got my wish that it not be the Braves or Astros, so it's all fine and now I get more Suits. Some of the Samhain shopping we did at the PNW Witches' Market last weekend: 

2023-10-29 13.19.02A

2023-10-29 13.28.03

2023-10-29 13.19.05

2023-10-29 12.40.44

2023-10-29 13.01.58A

2023-10-29 12.34.06

2023-10-29 12.09.45

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