Friday, November 24, 2023

Greetings from Great Falls

The only shopping I did on Black Friday was for food. Otherwise, I spent a fairly quiet morning with my kids, then we dropped Daniel and Cahaya off at the Metro to go downtown, left Adam in Rockville to meet friends, and we went to Panera for lunch before driving to Great Falls, where we enjoyed a long chilly hike along the Potomac River. 

We went to get Starbucks to warm up, then walked next door to Safeway for cheese and crackers to bring to my parents. Then we went to hang out with them for a little while before going to pick up Daniel and Cahaya, who came came to have leftovers with us and them. Now we're watching Oregon-Oregon State and waiting for Adam to return.

2023-11-24 14.57.43

2023-11-24 14.59.15

2023-11-24 15.08.00

2023-11-24 13.48.50

2023-11-24 13.43.32

2023-11-24 20.40.43

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