Saturday, November 11, 2023

Greetings from Movie Night

Quickie after a fun busy evening after going to see The Marvels with Daniel. No spoilers, but it has what may be my favorite scene in the whole MCU, plus some other completely delightful moments that make up for a kind of formulaic villain and some technobabble. We practically had the theater to ourselves, so we could laugh out loud. 

Then we picked up Mod Pizza to take home for dinner and ate it, after which Daniel built me a computer from component parts which has twice the memory and hard drive of my failing Dell! I still need to get a webcam and install a whole bunch of programs, but I am very excited to have a more powerful computer and it was fun watching him put it together.

2023-11-10 18.25.31

2023-11-10 15.59.55

2023-11-10 18.38.36

2023-11-10 19.32.07

2023-11-10 19.30.02

2023-11-10 20.41.45

2023-11-10 22.09.46

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