Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Greetings from Brookside Gardens

I spent a full day Wednesday in Maryland for the first time since we moved west. We took a walk to downtown Wheaton in the morning (Barbarian Comics, Wheaton Triangle, the mall for lunch), then we went to nearby Brookside Gardens, where at this time of year there are more geese than flowers but we got to see the winter lights set up for the evening. 

Cahaya thought she was going to have to work all day, but her office emptied out early, after which we all went to my parents' for dinner (they brought in Grand Fusion), and hung out playing with brain teasers provided by my mother. Now we're hanging out discussing video games, the decline of Pixar, glitter shoes, and other important topics.

2023-11-22 12.48.22

2023-11-22 13.09.11

2023-11-22 13.11.35

2023-11-22 15.44.05

2023-11-22 15.49.37

2023-11-22 15.52.38

2023-11-22 20.01.12

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