Friday, November 10, 2023

Poem for Thursday and Diwali Celebration

On the Plate of the Sky 
By Guru Nanak 

On the plate of the sky, the sun and moon are lamps, 
and the stars are shining pearls. 
The incense is the fragrance of sandalwood in the air; 
the wind acts as your fan; 
all the plants in the forest are your flower offerings. 


Thursday was overcast and drizzly at times with bright leaves popping against the clouds. I had a chore-filled morning, we took a walk after lunch to the beach (geese and ducks in the water, eagles in the trees, kingfisher in the bushes, grebes diving underwater). In the early evening, we went to our neighborhood's Diwali celebration, which I think actually had more people than the Halloween party and also had excellent Indian food from Kanishka.

2023-11-09 16.51.36

2023-11-09 17.05.03

2023-11-09 16.41.55

2023-11-09 16.57.59

2023-11-09 16.52.05

2023-11-09 16.51.22

2023-11-09 17.06.27 

We came back in time for my Thursday evening Zoom chat, after which we watched the season finale of Loki, which went completely unexpected places and had an astonishing ending that made me frustrated about how slowly the season started. I suppose all will be forgiven if they follow up on where they left things during another season or a movie, but although they finally did right by the character's epic scope, he deserves a happier long-term fate.

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