Sunday, November 12, 2023

Greetings from Kelsey Creek Farm

Another quickie because it turns out it takes a long time to get even an awesome new computer configured the way I want! I spent the morning rearranging my desk because I really wanted the monitor lower, which meant taking it off the riser and fitting the PC next to it, then I researched webcams and installed a bunch of software. Then we went out to Kelsey Creek Farm to see the animals and hike around the wetlands, where we did not see any beavers but we saw their lodges and dams.

2023-11-11 13.42.49

2023-11-11 13.33.48

2023-11-11 13.23.37

2023-11-11 13.32.46

2023-11-11 13.39.08

2023-11-11 11.12.12 

We stopped at a notary and at the post office to take care of some paperwork for Paul's parents, then went to Marymoor and Idylwood in the rain so I could do a few Garchomp Pokemon raids. Then we came home so I could install and test my new webcam and start transferring files off my backup drive. We had fake ham tetrazzini for dinner, watched the end of the day's football which was uneven but Maryland beat Nebraska and became bowl-eligible, huzzah, and now we're watching more Suits.

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