Sunday, November 19, 2023

Greetings from Mercer Slough

Quickie as we are just back from dropping off Adam after dinner at Daniel's -- he offered to cook for us and Cahaya's parents (she had hand surgery earlier in the week), and made us a multi-course North African meal that was delicious. Earlier we went for a hike at Mercer Slough and saw migrating buffleheads as well as other local waterbirds, plus the blueberry bushes now covered in red leaves at the nearby farm. The Terps suffered a heartbreaking loss to Michigan (with some questionable late game officiating) but they played really well, and UW is still undefeated. More tomorrow!

2023-11-18 14.07.41

2023-11-18 15.03.08

2023-11-18 14.57.38

2023-11-18 14.11.37

2023-11-18 20.29.29

2023-11-18 20.14.24

2023-11-18 21.29.01

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