Monday, November 13, 2023

Greetings from Evans Creek Preserve

Yet another quickie, still working on computer stuff though it's very close to configured exactly the way I want it. It was another lovely overcast fall day on Sunday, so after an early lunch, we went to hike at Evans Creek Preserve, which has views of the Cascade Mountains, a winding trail through mossy trees that look like they're in a rainforest, and eagles crying in the distance. One of the trails was flooded out so we took the high road! 

2023-11-12 14.17.20

2023-11-12 13.58.57

2023-11-12 13.23.22

2023-11-12 14.07.33

2023-11-12 13.45.56

2023-11-12 13.39.08 

We stopped on the way home at Target to pick up a prescription that they had texted me was ready, then told me in person was out of stock, grr. We also got bagels and went to Safeway for food. We caught the end of the Seahawks last-second victory over the Commanders, though the Ravens blew it earlier and Pittsburgh beat Green Bay and Dallas obliterated the Giants. Now we're powering through the final season of Suits, which is more fun than I expected!

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