Monday, November 06, 2023

Greetings from Marymoor

We spent a quiet Sunday morning watching football and cleaning various things. Then we went out to do some shopping, winding up in Redmond Town Center, which in addition to having various stores (and early Christmas decorations) is an excellent place to spend Pokemon Community Day. I caught a bunch of Woopers there and afterward at Marymoor Park, walking along the river. 

Paul made bangers and mash for Guy Fawkes Night, and we invited Adam over for that and fondue made from leftover Halloween candy (Katherine had to get some work done). Having had a good football day -- the Ravens won, the Commanders won, the Cowboys lost -- we watched some of the Bengals-Bills game with him, then after he went home we watched some more Suits.

2023-11-05 14.16.22

2023-11-05 14.49.37A

2023-11-05 15.45.23

2023-11-05 15.52.29

2023-11-05 15.34.36

2023-11-05 18.15.35

2023-11-05 18.57.21

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