Saturday, November 25, 2023

Greetings from the Zoo

Adam had plans downtown with friends all day Saturday -- brunch with one, climbing with another, dinner with another, then a concert by yet another with a group -- so the rest of us went downtown with Cheryl, who drove up for the day to see me. We went to the zoo, since Cahaya was hoping to see the wolves, but of course the wolves were the one animal not on exhibit; nevertheless, we got to see the baby Andean bears climbing a tree, the baby meerkats wrestling, the elephants indoors and out, the sleepy Pallas and sand cats, the playful sea lions and otters, and all the animals in Amazonia and the Small Mammal House. 

We ran out of time for the rebuilt Bird House, but we got to see most of the zoo lights set up for the evening and we ate lunch in the Mane Grill, which wasn't crowded by the time we got there and which has Impossible Burgers as well as non-veggie stuff. When the zoo closed, we went to Barbarian Comics so Cheryl and I could check out all the Loki statues and Daniel could get Pokemon cards for Cahaya, then we went to Barnes & Noble at Washingtonian and walked by the lake to see the holiday lights. Cheryl had to get home afterward, so the rest of us ate some leftovers and some delivery for dinner while watching the end of the day's football -- go Terps!

2023-11-25 13.42.44

2023-11-25 13.38.39

2023-11-25 13.12.05

2023-11-25 11.56.34

2023-11-25 14.22.02

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