Monday, November 20, 2023

Greetings from the Vet

I started my day early at the vet with Effie, who had been sneezing on and off during the night, which normally is something I'd give a couple of days to see if she just got her nose into something, but since we're traveling for Thanksgiving, we wanted to make sure she was okay. It was a long wait because there were a few veterinary emergencies, so we got breakfast from Sunrise Donuts and finally got home for a late lunch in the pouring rain. 

The vet found nothing worrisome, sent us back with an antihistamine, but saw no evidence that antibiotics were necessary. Effie was cranky and Katniss was nervous when we got back, so we spent the afternoon hanging out with them and watching football. We just watched A Haunting in Venice, which I liked better than Death on the Nile and thought was better paced. I am fried, so here are just a few cat photos: 

2023-11-19 21.50.29

2023-11-19 11.13.57

2023-11-19 11.45.14

2023-11-04 16.54.34

2023-11-19 17.37.25

2023-11-19 21.48.02

2023-10-22 18.40.14

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