Sunday, November 05, 2023

Greetings from the Sammamish River

Saturday was rainier than Friday -- we had more wind and even some thunder, which the cats were perturbed about -- so we spent the morning watching college football, then ate lunch and went to walk on the Sammamish River Trail. There was gorgeous tree color and blackbirds, some ducks and a heron, though no rabbits this time. We got drizzled on a bit but there weren't a lot of people, so it was very peaceful. 

2023-11-04 14.41.13

2023-11-04 15.08.28

2023-11-04 14.51.27

2023-11-04 14.45.11

2023-11-04 14.13.18

2023-11-04 14.28.20

2023-11-04 15.10.24 

We stopped at QFC on the way home to get some foodstuffs, some of which we ended up eating for dinner, thus we got to miss the terrible end of the terrible Maryland-Penn State game. We did watch the UW-USC game, which was close and exciting, then ended with Washington winning so it was all good. Then we watched the end of season six and the start of season seven of Suits (Axelrod! Was that a Billions reference?).

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